Winter / Spring Tennis Lessons


Mornings or EveningsTennis at Fort Bend Tennis Services in Sugar Land

Weekdays or Weekends

All level of Players

* As we have all learned in 2020, things change and flexibility is the word.

** The schedule is current as of April 1, 2021, BUT be aware it may change over the spring.

Enrollment for all tennis classes may be done through Fort Bend Tennis Services online below or by phone at 281-980-4219.

Enrollment is required and should be done at least one week in advance of the class starting date. If a class does not reach a minimum number, those enrolled will be able to move to the next available class or receive a full refund.
* Aliana location: As of May 1, we are waiting on word when classes can resume.

Junior Lessons  view the schedule

Jr, Short Court (ages 5-7) pre-beginner

Jr. Beginner (ages 7 and up) little or no prior experience

Jr. Adv Beginner (ages 8 and up) some prior experience, little match play

Jr. Intermediate (ages 9 and up) some match play experience

Jr. Advanced (ages 11 and up) school team tennis or tournament experience

or print the print the schedule

Adult Lessons >> view the schedule

Adults - 18 & above

Novice class size: 4-6

Intermediate (levels 2.5 - 4.0) / Strokes & Strategy (S&S) class size 4-8

or print the print the schedule 

All players except beginners may join a session at any time.  Beginners must start at the beginning of a session unless they have the prior consent of the instructor.

 Spring 2021 Beginner sessions start:

Jan 2 - 
Feb  6 -
Mar  6 -

Apr 3 - 
May 1 -

Jan  3 -
Feb   7  -
Mar   6  -
Apr    4  - 
May   2  -

Jan   4  - 
Feb    1  - 
Mar    1  - 
Apr    5  -
May   3 - 


REQUESTS for REFUNDS must be made in writing and emailed to:

or mailed to:


3536 Hwy 6 South, #132
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Refunds must be requested prior to the second class meeting unless there are special circumstances.


Sugar Land City Park
321 7th Street, Sugar Land

Clements High School
4200 Elkins Road, Sugar Land

First Colony Middle School
3225 Austin Parkway, Sugar Land












Payment is due at the start of a 4 week session.


A Refund must be requested BEFORE the start of the second class of a session,

 unless there are special circumstances.


For a once per week class series (4 classes), you are permitted to miss one class and
make that class up at the next scheduled class time.


For a twice per week class series (8 classes), you are permitted to miss two classes and
make that class up at the next scheduled class time.


You MUST notify either FBTS or your Instructor prior to the start of class that you will be  

 absent for the class, otherwise that missed class will count towards your lesson series.


From the time your series starts, you have 6 weeks to complete that series, unless weather
or instructor cancellations extend your session.


After 6 weeks, a new Session Fee is due.  You do not carry over absences from a prior

For example:  You enroll and pay for a 4 week, twice per week session (8 classes).   You
attend 6 of the 8
 scheduled classes and do not have any special circumstances for missed

You return two weeks or more later: You Owe for a new session.  You do not carry over the

2 classes that you missed. It is not fair to the instructor to be “absent” for a month, then
return to take your remaining classes, without notification.


If you have a Special Situation, such as an illness, injury or extended vacation/trip, or other special situation, advise your instructor and they can grant you a waiver on your absences.


If you have any questions, please call us at 281-980-4219 or email at