Summer 2022

Summer Junior Tennis Tournament Series

WHAT:   Junior Tennis Tournaments/ Events to give players more match play experience.

WHEN:  Friday mornings, 8:30am until about noon / 1:00pm. Starting June 24 through July 22

WHERE:  Clements HS tennis courts, 4200 Elkins Rd, Sugar Land

WHO:  Juniors, ages 8 - 17.  Boys & Girls play together.

LIMIT:  16 players each Week's Tournament

Tournament Levels:
Adv. Beginner, Intermediate.
  Depending on the Registration for each tournament, we plan to have different draws for each level. 
   Events will use Yellow Ball. Some Adv. Beginner Draws may use Orange/Green Balls. 

For players not on a High School Varsity Tennis Team. JV Team is OK, as is a Middle School team.
Players who want to improve their playing skills through match play.
Players who want to use the skills they are learning in the classes to improve and practice what they have been learning.
Players need to be able to serve at least 60% in the correct Service Box, rally at least 3 times in a row with another play, know how to keep score.

WHAT: Singles. Possibly some Doubles. Some events may play Orange Ball, most will play Yellow Ball.

FEE:   $15 / Tournament

** Your entry must be received by 12noon the Wednesday prior to each tournament. You MUST be registered AND preferably paid prior to the tournament. If we do not have at least 8 players entered for that week's tournament by the Wednesday Deadline it MAY NOT be held and you will be able to transfer your entry fee to an upcoming Friday Tournament.
If you do decide to join the tournament after the Wednesday 12 noon registration deadline,  please call or email the Office to confirm that the tournament is being held.

Click on Each Tournament Date you want to Enroll in:

Friday, June 24:
1st: Senih Dogan,   2nd: Tyler Gin,  1st Cons (A): Nicolas Martin,  1st Cons (B):  Oli Lim
 (No Pictures)

Friday, July   1

1st (A): Drake Tan             

2nd (A): Aarav Mehta

1st Cons (A) - Senih Dogan

1st (B) - Oli Lim

2nd (B): Laur Lotfi

Friday, July 8

1st: Aarav Mehta

2nd: Ricky Ou

1st Cons: Elizabeth Johnson

Friday, July 15

Rained out during the Semi-Finals

Friday, July 22

A Div.  1st: Ajinkav Joshi   2nd: Jaden Szeto

1st Cons: Cosmo Yang Wu

B Div. 2nd: Alice Song     1st: Jeremy Han  


1st Cons: Emma Burgess

For Area Tennis Tournaments for Adults & Juniors, check out the Houston Tennis Association, 
For USTA, UTR & WTN Tournaments.