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SERVING Tennis in Sugar Land, Texas

         We congratulate Director of Tennis, Chuck Sanchelli. He was Inducted into the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame this fall.

The Texas Tennis Hall of Fame is proud to announce the Class of 2020, four individuals who have made an indelible mark on Texas tennis both on and off the court.
The 2020 inductees include
Paul Cass (Corpus Christi), Chuck Sanchelli (Sugar Land), Kathy Vick (Lubbock) and Carol Weyman (Dallas).
The induction will take place on Saturday, November 14 at the Texas Sports Museum and Hall of Fame in Waco.

-- May1, 2021 --
** As we have all seen, things are changing. Be aware that Tennis Camp/Class times and locations may change.

Classes & Camps at Sugar Land City Park are in progress.

Summer Camps - check the: Tennis Camps/ Holiday camps tab.

We are waiting word from Aliana when classes can resume there.
Since there is no date when Aliana will re-open, we are looking for an alternative location near Aliana for the summer. 

We  heard from FBISD that the Clements HS courts will be re-surfaced this summer. That is good news.
Therefore we will use the First Colony Middle School courts in place of Clements this summer.

** Click Here for COVID-19 Information: Guidelines and Risk Waiver Form

Check our website and watch your emails from us for updates.

      NOTE: When paying for a tennis class or league, we prefer you pay by: check, credit card, online or with a Money Order. While we like receiving money,
        we prefer to NOT take cash.
       1. We and you should prefer a paper trail of when payments are made.  Sometimes you and the Instructor "forget" when a payment was made by cash
       2. For safety, we do not want our instructors carrying cash with them on the tennis court. For obvious reasons, someone may think they can get some easy cash if
             they know the Instructor is carrying a large amount of cash on them at the courts.