Adult Lesson Packages - Winter / Spring 2024


Adult Tennis Lesson Packages 

* If you want to set up Auto Pay, just Save a Credit Card in your Profile. We will notify you BEFORE we charge your account.
If you do Save a Credit Card, let us know you have done that.

All classes at SLCP Only will need to Enroll with Sugar Land Parks. When you click the Order Now button, you will be taken to that website.

If you need to miss a class, please inform us or your Instructor to avoid being charged for a Missed class.
Excused absences will have that class rolled over to the next class day.
All sessions are 4 weeks (one-month). Sessions are on a month-to-month basis.
When you Enroll the date showing is just a Place Holder Date. Just put in your Start Date.

Payment is Due at the Start of a 4 week session.


Tuesday / Thursday 

Class  Location / Coach  SL Resident / Non-Resident  
Adult Novice (8:30am - 9:25am)

SLCP - Coach Brian $135 / $168.75
Adult Novice (7:00pm - 7:55pm)
   This class will move to CHS in March.
SLCP/CHS - Coach Brian $135 / $145
Adult Low Intermediate (7:30pm - 8:55pm) SLCP / Coach Carlos $210 / $262.50


Class Location / Coach SL Resident / Non-Resident  
Adult Intermed (7:30pm - 8:55pm) SLCP / Coach Carlos $110 / $137.50


Class Location / Coach SL Resident / Non-Resident  
Adult Low Intermediate (8:00am - 9:25am)

SLCP / Coach Brian $110 / $137.50


Class - Times will change during the year since no lights at CHS courts Location / Coach SL Resident / Non-Resident  

Adult Novice & Intermed   4:00 - 5:25pm, (Nov - March)
                                          5:30 - 6:55pm, (March - May)
                                          6:30 - 7:55pm, (June - Sept)
                                          5:30 - 6:55pm, (Sept - Nov)

CHS / Coach Carlos & Coach Brian $110 / $120

            * NOTE on Fees: If you are a Sugar Land Resident, the price will change once you put in your Sugar Land address.


         CHS --    Clements HS tennis courts, 4221 Elkins Rd., Sugar Land
         FCMS -- First Colony Middle School Tennis Courts, 3225 Austin Parkway, Sugar Land
         SLCP  --  Sugar Land City Park, 321 7th St, Sugar Land