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Tournaments   -- Adults & Juniors




  2018 Tennis Tournaments 


Junior Tennis Tournament Series 2018

Junior Doubles Tournament --- CANCELLED
WHEN:     Saturday, Sept. 8, 1:00pm
WHERE:   Clements HS tennis courts
Ages 8-17

This is a round robin, changing partner junior doubles tournament for non-qualified players.
Same qualifications as the Summer Series below.
Depending on number of entrants and skill level, we will try and divide the players into a Novice & Intermediate Group, if possible.

Registration deadline by 5:00pm Thursday prior to the tournament.
We need to have at least 8 players registered by the Deadline to hold the tournament.

Trophies/medals awarded to 1st & 2nd

Click Here
for more information and to Enroll.

2018 FBTS Summer Junior Tournament Series

In place of the Junior Team Tennis League, we will hold our annual Summer Junior Tournament Series on Friday mornings beginning June 15 thru Aug. 3th.  For non-qualified/non-ranked players (no Champ or Super Champ players).

WHEN:                                  Friday, 8:30am  -- approx. 11:30am or 12noon.
FEE:                                      $15/week
AGES:                                    9 - 18
LEVEL:                                  Adv. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

LOCATION:   Clements High School tennis courts, 4200 Elkins Rd, Sugar Land 

Each tournament will be a regular round robin or elimination tournament.  You will get at least 2 matches that day. These are designed to give you  a competitive playing experience to improve your game and compliment your lessons/drills.  These tournaments are for non-qualified/non-ranked players.

Enrollment is due by the Wednesday BEFORE each tournament.  We need to have at least 6 players enrolled by Wednesday noon to hold the tournament that week.  Check your email or this web site on Thursday afternoon to view the status of the tournament

Depending upon the number and level of players, match play will be either Singles or Doubles. We will do our best to place players in different ability/age groups. Trophies/Medals will be given to 1st and 2nd Place for each group.

Players need to be able to:
- play from the baseline
- get the serve in at least 60% of the time
- know how to keep score

****   ****   ****

70 different players competed in the Summer Tournament Series, which was for non-Qualified/Ranked players.
Over 120 Entrants played in the tournaments.

The Final Tournament, Aug. 3, drew 28 Entrants.
Coach Chris Williams was the Tournament Director this Year.

Trophies were awared for 1st, 2nd & Consolation Draws in the Intermediate and Novice Division.
Points were also awared for finishing 1st, 2nd, and the Consolation winner.

Summer Tournament Series Results-
Top Point Winners- Tanisi, Amarachi, Pinak, Eric

Intermediate Division-
1st: Eric Liu                 34 Points
2nd: Pinak Tripathi    20 Points
3rd: Finn Newman    10 Points

Novice Division-
1st: Tanisi Tripathi            30 Points
2nd: Amarashi Asiegbu   18 Points
3rd: Avyukt Satish             10 Points

The 1st & 2nd Top Point players each recieved a Gift Card from the Razquet Pro Tennis Shop in Sugar Land.

Individual Tournament Results--

Aug. 3
Intermediate Division-
1st: Eric Liu

2nd: Shurya Saini

Cons: Tejas Thirumalai

Aug. 3
Novice Division-
1st: Amarachi Asiegbu

2nd: Tanisi Tripathi

Cons: Rohan Thirumalai

July 27
Intermediate Division-
1st: Eric Liu

2nd: Pinak Tripathi

Cons: Andy Zhu

July 20
Novice Division:
1st: Amarachi Asiegbu

2nd: Tejas Thirumalai

Cons: Tanisi Tripathi

July 20
Intermediate Division-
1st: Eric Liu

2nd: Pinak Tripathi

Consolation: Andy Zhu

July 20
Novice Division:
1st: Tanisi Tripathi

2nd: Avyujt Satish

Consolation: Sofia Mills

July 13
Intermediate Division-
1st: Idara Akpaffiong  

2nd: Finn Newman

Cons: Eric Liu

Novice Division

1st: Shawn Irani

2nd: Tanisi Tripathi

Cons: Avyukt Satish

June 29
Intermediate Division-
1st: Pinak Tripathi

2nd: Eric Liu
Consolation: Latroy Birks

Novice Division-
1st: Michelle Martins
2nd: Tanisi Tripathi

Consolation: Avyukt Satish


June 22
Intermediate Division
1st: Finn Newman

2nd: Eric Liu
Consolation- Pinak Tripathi

Novice Division

Consolation: Tanisi Tripathi

Finn, Coach Chris, Pinak, Eric

June 15
Intermediate Division
1st: Eric Liu, 2nd: Pinak Tripathi, Consolation: Siddharth Das
   Siddharth Das

Novice Division
1st: Amarachi Asiegeu, 2nd: Tanisi Tripathi, Consolation: Emma Chen
Emma Chen

Other Area Tennis Tournaments:
June 9:          Houston Tennis Assoc (HTA) One Day Challenger, Juniors. Click Here for info
July 13-15     MCCTA July Open. Adults & Juniors. Missouri City/Houston. Click Here for info
July 26-29     Katy Open. Adults & Juniors. Katy.  Click Here for info

Spring Tournaments

Saturday, March 17              Junior Tournament, ages 9 -17, non-State Qualified/Ranked
      18 & UnderDivision:
1st: Finn Newman, 2nd: Aaron Zhang.  1st Cons: Jonathan Brown

12 & Under Division:
1st: Bryan Zhang, 2nd: Darren Cheng. 1st Cons: Macy Houston

ADULT Tournaments - to be announced




2017 Holiday Junior Tennis Tournaments

Thursday, Dec. 28      10 & Under Tournament. For Advanced Beginner players, ages 6-10

1st: Ashwin Willy (front row with medal), 2nd: Sofia Mills (back row with racquet), 3rd: Hibari Kam (back row-white shirt)

Friday, Dec. 29           Junior Tournament, ages 10-17, non-qualified (that means you are not State Ranked)  

  17 & Under -- 1st: Idara Akpaffiong (right), 2nd: Hunter Gholson (left), 3rd: Andy Zhu

                               12 & Under -- 1st: Aaron Zhang, 2nd: Ashwin Willy, 3rd: Tiffany Bian (no pictures)

2017 Summer Tournament Series

We had 55 different players compete in the Summer Tournament Series.
This was our best participation in the past few summers..

Thanks to: Tournament Director: Coach Chris Williams and Assistant Directors: Chloe Jacobson & Anusha Kommireddy

June 23
A Draw-           1st: Idara Akpaffiong, 2nd: Joseph Marshall, Cons: Andy Zhu           

B Draw-          1st: Michelle Martins, 2nd: Sean Irani

June 30
A Draw-          1st" Joseph Marshal, 2nd: Finn Newman, Cons: Angel Martins
B Draw-           1st: Michelle Martins, 2nd: Shaun Irani, Cons:  Alex Andrzejak

July 7
1st: Albert Sun, 2nd: Joseph Marshall, Cons: Hanzhen Li

July 14
1st: Finn Newman, 2nd: Andy Zhu, Cons: Maya Koppikar

July 21
  Doubles- 1st: Yvette & Ariane Karera, 2nd: Jeremy Bui & Finn Newman, Cons: Albert Sun & Andy Zhu
  10's Singles Group- 1st: Zack, 2nd: Michelle Martins

July 28
Singles- 1st: Ramzi Smair 2nd: Yvette Karera, Cons: Finn Newman
10's Singles- 1st: Michelle Martins

Aug   4
Singles- 1st: Crystal Nzewi, 2nd: Yvette Karera, Cons: Andy Zhu
10's Singles- 1st:  Michelle Martins, 2nd: Tanisi Tripathi

See everyone next Summer!!



USTA Fort Bend Tennis Junior Championships

Saturday & Sunday, June 17 & 18, 2017

 Singles Only

Boys' Singles:  State Qualified (Champ & Super Champ) - 18's, 16's, 14's, 12's
                       Non-Qualified- 18's, 16's, 14's 12's
                       10's Green Ball, 10's Orange Ball, 8's Red Ball

Girls' Singles:   State Qualified (Champ & Super Champ) - 18's, 16's, 14's, 12's
                       Non-Qualified- 18's, 16's, 14's 12's
                       10's Green Ball, 10's Orange Ball, 8's Red Ball

We had 135 players competing in the various Divisions. Great weather!


USTA Adult Tournament - Fort Bend Tennis Adult Open.  May 5-7, 2017

We had 60 players competing in the various Divisions.  Weather - Just warm enough.

Men's Open: Christopher Bbale
Men's 60's:    1st: Michael Stein, 2nd: Richard Merritt
Men's 4.0:      1st: Brandon James, 2nd: Michael Seale
Men's 3.5:      1st: Bob Singleton, 2nd: Rickey McCants
Men's 3.0:      1st: Ranjith Poladi, 2nd:  Mario Santos

Women's 4.0:   1st: FIona Smith, 2nd: Miyuki Chovanetz